hotcherryred (hotcherryred) wrote,

No words for this

Will never and I refuse to understand why the government will never take a break from building more and more and more high rise apartments that are eventually going to be.. EMPTY. One day, Singapore will purely consist of 100% concrete. Just learned that Bukit Brown Cemetery is gazetted for development by URA for HOUSING NEEDS. What housing needs to you want when Singapore is facing slow birth rate since like ever. Plus you guys are already gonna cut down on the number of foreigners so this is just so damn ridiculous. And even if so, demolish less worthier places dude. Bukit Brown houses the greatest people in Singapore that ever lived. I think its just darn disrespectful. You guys have to really check out how beautiful and grand the tombs there are. A definite waste if they were to no longer exist. We already gave you the whole damn Punggol, what more do you want? For those of you who don’t know, the cemetery is just opposite cjc.

It seems too pathetic. Even the mini plot of land at the back of my flat somehow MUST be fully utilised for housing. Amid the many many HDB flats that are WAY bigger than that pathetically sized building. It’s a mini condo with 5 floors and 74 units. What da fuck is the point? Plus it’s located directly (and I mean side by side because everything is so jam packed there) beside a mosque and no offense but its gonna be pretty distracting every 5 times a day for the non-muslims who will ever think of living there. I just don’t see the point in building so many properties. I’m sure anything else will be relatively more meaningful. Like expand the park beside it or something. But hell to da no. We must build and build and build and build. There has to be something on every green patch of land. What we have will never be enough because we are gonna x10 the population in the next 5 years. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that Singapore is not a good place to live.
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