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Hello bright and beautiful world!

So here I am back again wanting to tell you guys yet another disappointing incident and rant about it till the end of the world. Which obviously did not occur yesterday. Why is it that every time I’m perfectly contented with life I can’t bring myself to pen a thought and when things take their shift, I just wanna let the whole world know how it simply sucks to be me? How ridiculous I never once realised I don’t actually appreciate the good stuff but dwell in the bad. So I’m gonna tell ya’ll something bad but express it in the most optimistic tone and just maybe, I’ll feel better about it.

I don’t get why my parents are fighting over who wants to pay for my uni fees, or rather who wants to claim credit for bringing me up ever since my kiddy days. I get it, the parents pride crap. But look guys, I have been the one studying my ass off in the midst of all your annoying nagging and unreasonable cutting of my allowances. So give it a break, all the credit belongs to the one and only great me. And after “granting” my mom her wish to pay for my fees, she decided that it’ll be more convenient I pay for them myself, through bank loans in the next 4 freaking years. (wtf.....) But anyway, IT’S TOTALLY ALRIGHT. I’ve been surviving everyday with phone bills to pay, with self funded holidays, topped up with the diving and driving courses to take and random sporting events to pay for, I am still good. I AM STILL GOOD PEOPLE. And after my education I’ll feel so damn accomplished because I’m the one who brought myself up and through all these. I’ll crack my brain and tear my pocket but I know it’s worth it.

To the many of you with no allowances, it’s alright. You can do anything you like without your parents’ help, as long as you work hard for it and when you finally achieve your goal - ohh the fruits of your labour in your hands (and bank) - which I by the way just applied under ocbc cuz I’m gonna be so effing rich. My mom no longer have much rights to tell me what to do and what not cause suck it, I’m paying for it woman. See what these people don’t realise is that the more they make their kids pay for every damn thing, the less authority they’re acquiring over their kids. You want us to act like independent adults, then don’t try to strike control over our lives. Simple as it is.

Honestly I don’t know if what I’m saying is actually morally right but I feel much better.
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